Organizational Development

INFUSE offerings include services designed to improve or evolve an organization’s capabilities to execute strategy.

Organizational Assessment Services analyze the organization’s capability to execute strategy and achieve its current or future goals. INFUSE’s methodological approach includes both quantitative and qualitative data collection of critical information from employees, customers, strategic partners or suppliers through a Socratic interview process, and an in-depth review and analysis of historic organizational performance, key business processes, policies and organizational data to identify critical issues affecting organization’s performance and capacities.

Organizational Design Services include assessment and redesign of key roles, responsibilities, accountabilities, organizational structure, compensation, incentives, and the managerial system to optimize productivity, performance, quality, results, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and the overall workplace environment.

Process Improvement Services and Best Practices Assessments are designed to assess and improve core organizational processes, policies and business practices in such areas as: sales, sales support, marketing, product development, customer service, and product or service delivery. These services include a detailed assessment, analysis and recommendations on redesign or improvement agendas as well as the identification and integration of industry best practices.

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