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Market Sector

Public Education (Non-Profit Association)

Project Type

Long Range Futures, Strategy Development and Strategic Planning


Non-Profit Association for Public School Boards provides mission critical services for over one thousand public school districts and is one of the largest state school board associations in the United States. Client operates as the primary legislative advocate for the state public education system and provides a wide array of programs and services for school boards and school districts.

Project Goals

The Client, with the support of its members initiated the 21st Century Education Project. This multi-year project intended to craft a twenty-year future vision for the state’s public education system and to develop an actionable long-term strategy to expand its program offerings and services to achieve that vision. Crafting a twenty year vision for the one of the largest public education systems in the United States, while successfully coping with the rapid changes driven by technology, shifting population demographics and an uncertain economic and political climate required a futures based planning methodology. The project involved a project team of fifteen individuals representing a cross section of the Client’s executive team, Board of Trustees and school district membership. This project was organized into two phases.

Phase One

Understand the major long-term trends likely into influence the future of public education over the next 20 years and their potential implications on the state’s Public Education System and its key stakeholders. Develop a long-term vision for the public education system that could be used by school districts to craft their own respective preferred future.

Phase Two

Anticipate future needs of the Client’s members, customers and future customers and identify opportunities for growth in programs and service offerings over the next 10 years.
Evaluate and refined the Client’s ten-year strategy and craft measurable long-term objectives that will deliver on its vision and mission.


The project yielded a wealth of valuable information for the Client and the constituencies it serves inclusive of a wide range of future opportunities to improve public education as well as gaining “early warning” insights on potential threats. The environmental trend research and findings produced during the project were widely disseminated to the Client members resulting in an industry communication award for the Client. INFUSE designed and delivered a seminar workshop at the Client’s annual convention to communicate project results and provide members with a hands on experience in scenario analysis utilizing the results of the project. The project also enabled the Client to refined its mission, long-term strategic objectives and define an actionable strategy for achieving it. Subsequently, the Client reported several of its most successful years in terms of its standard performance measures.

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