Consulting Services

INFUSE consulting and research services are tailored to the specific needs of each client’s business environment, culture and objectives. Our Service offerings include four practice areas: Strategy Development, Foresight Research, Organizational Development and Strategy Execution. Our services assist organizations to effectively address:

  • Rapid or discontinuous internal or external change affecting the organization
  • Clarifying and reducing the uncertainties of highly complex future operating environments
  • Creation or evaluation of new or divergent strategies for the organization
  • Assessment of emerging markets or technologies
  • Developing strategies or plans for long-term time horizons (5-25 years)
  • Impact assessment of wildcard (black swan) events or qualitative factors on current or future operations
  • Risk assessment and contingency planning
  • Building a common future vision, mission and aligning strategy across key stakeholders or constituencies
  • Optimizing organizational structures and operational processes for effective strategy execution
  • Operationalize and jump start strategic or tactical action plans

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