Clients – Information Technology



Information Technology


Life Sciences


Market Sector

Professional Services: IT Consulting and Software Development Services- (Small/Medium Enterprise)

Project Type

Strategy Development and Planning


A small, employee-owned IT Consulting Services and Software Development company regionally focused in the Southwestern U.S.

Project Goals

The Client had sustained substantial operating losses over an extended period of time resulting from a combination of factors including: a declining regional market economy, an unfocused value proposition and customer acquisition strategy, and a sales model that was no longer able to sustain the growth of the company in a declining market environment. INFUSE was tasked to design and execute a strategy development process with the executive team and Board of Directors that would produce a three year strategy clarifying the organization’s market focus and targeted customer segments, value proposition, service offerings, sales model, sales process, measurable growth objectives and core organizational processes and structure.


INFUSE designed and executed a discovery process designed to solicit input from the executive team, sales organization and customers. Corporate performance results and organizational processes were assessed by INFUSE in conjunction with the discovery process data. Results were analyzed to produce an overall assessment of the organization from both an internal and external perspective. INFUSE provided the executive team with recommendations on opportunities for both strategic and tactical improvements. Results of this assessment were used by INFUSE to design and facilitate a team based strategy development process to define a 3 year strategy for the organization.

INFUSE designed and managed an externally focused trend scanning research effort executed by the Client to identify and assess new market and growth opportunities. The results of this research was used as an input for the strategy development process. INFUSE facilitated four strategy sessions with a twelve person planning team over a 4 month period to produce a clearly articulated, three year long term strategy, measurable long term objectives and a tactical plan with objectives that were immediately actionable. Within 90 days of initiation of the new strategy the Client reversed twelve consecutive months of operating losses and achieved breakeven stability. Subsequently, the Client eliminated unprofitable segments of the business and achieved focus and profitable growth in two primary industry sectors.

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