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Energy Industry Non-Profit Consortia

Project Type

Long Range Futures, Long Range Strategy Development


Industry consortium for the natural gas industry providing a broad range of research and development services and programs to over 200 member organizations consisting of gas and electric utilities, public and private sector companies.

Project Goals

Identify and assess the primary trends influencing consumers and the residential energy market over a ten-year time horizon. Assess the implications of those trends and energy deregulation for the energy industry. Develop research analysis, strategic planning tools and programs that could be deployed on an industry wide basis to leverage the results of the strategic research to assist Utilities to craft actionable business strategies to operate and succeed in a deregulated market environment.


INFUSE designed and executed a futures based research project utilizing its ISCAPE® Scenario Planning system to identify and assess the key trends influencing consumers and the residential energy market over a ten year time horizon. The research data and future scenarios were packaged in the ISCAPE® Software Toolset for use by individual Utilities during their internal strategic planning process. INFUSE also designed and delivered a series of facilitated planning workshops for executive teams of energy Utilities located throughout the United States to communicate and apply the results of the research effort within their respective organizations. Two hundred organizations obtained the ISCAPE® Residential Customer Of The Future scenario planning toolset and over thirty organizations sent executive teams to participate in INFUSE facilitated strategic planning sessions.

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